With this article we are going to find out who is really going BIG!!!

Tyler Bereman

He recovered from the injury that kept him off the bike for months

he’s back to ride and he’s hitting the BIG jumps!

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STORY TIME: When I first set my eyes on @motosandbox, I immediately found a line of transfers around the whole track and the plan was to link them all into one line. This particular Jump wasn’t at the top of my to do list as I scouted it, cus I didn’t know if it was doable, or if I was biting off more than I could chew on this one. With us battling weather all week, most of the line was unrideable besides this Jump that was in the back of my mind. After talking with @dreamtraxx for a bit, he hopped in the dozer and carved out a lip on the backside of this berm. Still not measuring it, just totally guesstimating the distance, but envisioning it the whole time. After seeing it prepped up and ready to send, the butterflies creeped in, and the game face went on. I envisioned this working over and over in my head, And with myself, I feel if you can see it in your head, it will work. So the time came to give it a few test runs and see what she was saying to me. At this point, I had no idea that the uneasy nerves of what was about to happen had the whole crew scared and in a panic. This was a high risk jump and god for bid if anything was to happen, it would be hard to get medical there in a timely fashion. So as the crew was talking it over, and talking about putting a stop to it with the uncertainty that it was successfully work, I took off to line up a couple test runs. After a few test runs, and As the crew was going back and forth over the radio on trying to shut it down, I rode off with out saying a word, but ready to send. As I turned around in the distance and started grabbing gears the crew basically went silent and realized there was no stopping me. I grabbed 4th gear and gave her the berries. Luckily for me, it worked, barely hanging a wheel on the first attempt. But the feeling of over coming my fears and coming around for the crew with that much raw emotional and revving my bike to the moon in pure joy that I didn’t just die, was so worth the squeeze. I immediately rode straight back past the crew and Tee’d her up again, making it clean the second go. The second I landed off the second jump, it started pouring rain….. Continued in next post ➡️

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Axell Hodges

He designed his life with this style, every day is a BIG day for him.

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This one goes 🔥 @filmguytom ⚔️

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Cole Seely

The Californian boy has found the right way to enjoy retirement.

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Malcolm Stewart

He won his first 450 heat on the Salt Lake woops, good job Mookie!


Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb

Then them, dubbing the 5th in the 450 Main is something incredible, talents!

These are the guys who in our opinion are going BIG!

So, enjoy your dirt bike as much as possible and go BIG!