Finally the CHAMPION is CHAMPION!!! Eli Tomac, after winning the 250 Supercross title, 250 National title and three 450 National titles, he finally gets the most important Offroad Championship in the WORLD, the 450 Supercross Championship! We wanted to do this article with (in our opinion) the best images of ET3 in this 2020 Supercross!!! Good job man        

With this article we are going to find out who is really going BIG!!! Tyler Bereman He recovered from the injury that kept him off the bike for months he’s back to ride and he’s hitting the BIG jumps! View this post on Instagram STORY TIME: When I first set my eyes on @motosandbox, I immediately found a line of transfers around the whole track and the plan was to link them all into one line. This particular Jump wasn’t at the top of my to do list as I scouted it, cus I didn’t know if it was doable,Leggi tutto

The new Seven MX combo worn by Malcolm Stewart during the Supercross in Salt Lake City!!! This kit it’s an original combo with a Rival jersey and a Zero pants RIVAL JERSEY Precision, breathability and wearability. The Seven MX Rival jersey introduces new standards in the world of motocross clothing, equipped with an ultra breathable polyester fabric, this jersey keeps the riders dry and cool offering a constant internal air flow and removing the humidity, the stretch panels placed in strategic points guarantee an excellent fit. ZERO PANTS The Seven MX Zero pants have been designed for riders looking forLeggi tutto

With this article we want to show you how much study there is behind the realization of a safe helmet by bringing you inside the BELL headquarters. Watching this video you can see that the obsession for the details makes the difference. BELL HEADQUARTER, DEDICATED TO THE BRAIN PROTECTION THE MOST INNOVATIVE PROTECTION SYSTEM IN THE BELL HISTORY, FLEX  

City: Brescia Country: Italy Event: Supercross Cup 2019. Take a look at the best pictures of the show and get some inspiration for your racing outfit!