Summer is already here and so are the hot days 🔥

Anyone planning any weekends off? We know you’re looking forward to getting your dirt bike ready and enjoying the sunny days on track. However, hot weather may be hard to stand sometimes, especially when all geared up, isn’t that true?

We think we might have a fair solution to keep you cool and vented, keep on reading 😉

Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented

Seven MX Vox Vented

The perfect summer combo is offered by Alpinestars and Seven MX, as their Tech-10 Supervented boots and Vox Vented Staple jersey are for sure what you are looking for.

The new Alpinestars’ boots are specifically designed for hot weather as they guarantee an increased air flow thanks to the mesh intake material and to the additional air vents: air enters through the air vents in the toe part, flows through the channels in the sole and exits through the side and back exhaust ports. They’ve even included air intakes in the footbed part!!

With the Alpinestars Tech-10 Supervented boots you’ll be able to enjoy comfort and lightweight together with extreme ventilation.

And to complete your summer look (and comfort!), the Seven MX Vox Vented Staple jersey is a must have. Featuring the typical Seven MX style, this jersey provides you also with great quality and a summer design. Thanks to the perforated design and to the plush moisture-wicking polyester material you won’t only stay cool, but also dry.


No more worries about the sun, get yours here: