Polaroid. No words are needed to describe this brand.

In a world that is always in a rush, Polaroid lets us relive the unique moments of our lives and experience the true essence of a snapshot. The company has in fact revolutionized the world of photography, and since the ‘70s it has undoubtfully become an icon: holding in your hand a tiny piece of film means turning an instant which encloses a full set of emotions and thrills to forever.

And the cool thing about this brand is that they have always developed technologies which make photography effortless for everyone. That’s why you’ll probably want to discover their new autofocus camera:


The Polaroid Now appears as a simple camera with a traditional refined design, which introduces improved creative control. How? Take a look at its distinctive features:

• The built-in double exposure is probably the most captivating creative feature: the possibility of getting two frames in the same Polaroid snap will turn you into a true artist.
• The new autofocus uses a two-lens system, letting the camera choose which of them is more suitable to the environment, and allowing you to take the most fascinating photos.
• 9 seconds: nice leading gap in a race, isn’t it? The self-timer gives you 9 seconds to prepare for the perfect snapshot, be the main character of your story-telling pic.

We want you to become an artist and to do it within our world. Test yourself and turn action sports into an everlasting piece of art, create your own #MyPolaroidNow style.

Dimensions: 3.7 × 4.4 × 5.9 in (94 x 112.2 x 150.2 mm)
Weight: 0.95 lbs (434 grams) (without film pack)
Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery (750mAh), rechargeable via USB
Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
Lenses: Optical grade Polycarbonate and Acrylic lenses, coated
Shutter system: Custom design, using precision step motor for shutter
Autofocus system via 2 fixed focus zones 0.55m-1.3m, 0.6m-infinity
Focal length: Close-up (lens 1) 94.96 mm; Distance (lens 2) 102.35 mm
Field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
Flash system: Vacuum discharge tube storage
Neck Strap and USB charging cable included