If you’re looking for another word to say “supercross” or “motocross”, you just need a name: James Stewart. He was unquestionably the man: ever since he started his 14-year pro career, he has been compared to the greatest champions in our sport, and most of the time, he easily broke their records. Just think of any category he has joined, and you’ll see that Bubba smoothly dominated it.
We can only say that he was THE game changer, and this also thanks to his mentality: it was either win or crash trying to win. No compromises.

You know, it’s difficult to choose only a few epic episodes to talk about how dope his career was, but we’ve tried to, and these are our Bubba’s 7 Go Big moments:

#1 – BUDDS CREEK 2003
“What the hell on Earth have I just seen?” that must be what David Bailey thought when he saw JS7 performing his incomparable “Bubba Scrub” during the 2003 Budds Creek outdoor race. A move that revolutionized the world of motocross, born out of the need of going faster, translated into a standard requirement for every contemporary rider.

#2 – UNADILLA 2002
“Never tell James Stewart you can beat him if you start near to him” that’s what somebody should have told Chad Reed before Unadilla 2002. Well, James didn’t say a word, he just raced. And here’s a video that can explain better than us Bubba’s answer:

Not the friendliest rivalry, but we’re glad to see how the two are getting along lately.


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#3 – TORONTO 2014
Toronto 2014 SX race was not an ordinary race. Bubba did start almost dead last and still won: not the first time in his career, but not everybody can do that, we guess it’s STEWABLE.

#4 – DAYTONA 2011
If you’ve ever had any doubts on his unique, fast and mind-blowing style, just take a look at how crazy this dude was. Who else could have thought of performing that wall jump if not JS7 himself? That’s insane.

#5 – X GAMES 2009
Surprised to read “X GAMES”? Yes, James Stewart participated in the 2009 event. And do you remember when we said that Bubba easily dominated every category he took part in? Do you think a silver medal for the Best Whip contest is enough? We do.

And here we come to our last two Go Big moments… well, seasons, not moments 😉

#6 – 2002 125cc AMA Motocross
Rookie season, winning season. Conquering such title when you’re 16, setting a new record, and doing it in your first year racing as a pro. Man, what can we say? We would have been speechless.

#7 – 2008 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship
We all know that Bubba couldn’t race the SX Championship due to an injury, which forced him to undergo an ACL surgery. 4 months later he was on the bike for the first outdoor race. Result? He went 1-1 in Glen Helen, the beginning of the perfect season: James won all 24 races, conquering the sick amount of 25 points per race, for a total of 600 points at the end of the season. No words needed.

Those moments would be just enough to raise him as an ambassador for the GoBig lifestyle. But he didn’t just only have an indisputable talent – has our sport ever had an athlete that was more charismatic than him? Probably not. With his vibrant personality and big smile, JS7 basically had the impact of a rock star, bringing crowds of fans to the events. That’s probably what the sport is missing today, a rider becoming an icon by simply doing what he loves the most: racing dirt bikes.

There are and there would have been lots more moments to add to this list if it wouldn’t have been for that FIM suspension back in 2014, just a year after the establishment of Bubba’s SEVEN MX, a brand which redefined the limits for athletes’ apparel and protection, just like JS7 redefined the limits of motocross and supercross.