A perfect mix of safety, authenticity, and badass graphics: this is what the Bell Moto-10 Spherical Fasthouse DITD delivers. Don’t miss it, grab yours now 💥 Enjoy this limited edition without giving up on class leading protection, Bell’s patented Spherical Technology powered by MIPS will keep your head safe. Have no worries and ride that dirt bike on that whoops section 🔥 Be the fastest on track and show off the right look 😎 Visit gobig.shop and discover all the available Moto-10 Spherical helmets 😉   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Un post condiviso da Bell Helmets Official (@bellhelmets)Leggi tutto

Getting ready for an offroad ride? Don’t you wanna give up on style nor on safety and comfort? We have the perfect solution for your feet: discover the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS on GoBig 🤙🏻 With the latest creation in the Crossfire family, Sidi wants to offer you higher protection thanks to a couple of worthy improvements, most notably the Hyper Extension Block, an articulated joint able to prevent hyper extension when the leg is flexed forwards or backwards. All together with the other updates on their latest model, SIDI grants an improved fit through more flexibility and adjustment options.Leggi tutto

Enjoying the days on your dirt bike? Maybe fancying a new pair of boots? Have a look at our selection, Gaerne’s SG12 are now available 😉 If you’re hesitant on your choice, keep in mind that the SG12 kinda brought the revolution into motocross. Specifically designed with the riders to arrange the smallest details, Gaerne SG12 present in fact an innovative structure compared to their older siblings: a new protective insert, namely the “Razorback”, allows the rider to avoid excessive compression and the lateral movements, decreasing the probability of getting injured. What’s more, a new sole design grants even moreLeggi tutto

Inizia oggi la GOBIG WEEK!! Una settimana in cui col codice “GOBIGWEEK” puoi ottenere uno sconto del 15% sul tuo ordine, approfittane subito, questa promo è valida solo fino Martedi 2 Agosto.  

Here we have another Moto-10 Spherical launch for the 2022 summer… Oh, wait, there are TWO new models (and they are already available in the shop section) 😎 Wanna look like Jo Shimoda or feel like riding on the US racetracks? Then you should probably have a look at the brand-new Monster Pro Circuit Replica helmet. Guess you’ll kinda make the difference rocking this masterpiece on your dirt bike 😉 Or, if you’re a Cooper Webb fan, we got your back, ‘cause you’ll probably enjoy his new signature graphic, the Marmont. No matter the graphic, the Bell Moto-10 Spherical isLeggi tutto

GOBIG Day   Anche quest’anno il GoBIG Day è stato pazzesco!!! Qui il link per vedere e scaricare tutte le foto. https://pmanital.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/AziendaExt/EqMmFmaZWSVOitseGzqgUFQBJJkjrs2NhS2SjjCS1R6Upg?e=CWsr0d

Summer is already here and so are the hot days 🔥 Anyone planning any weekends off? We know you’re looking forward to getting your dirt bike ready and enjoying the sunny days on track. However, hot weather may be hard to stand sometimes, especially when all geared up, isn’t that true? We think we might have a fair solution to keep you cool and vented, keep on reading 😉 Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Seven MX Vox Vented The perfect summer combo is offered by Alpinestars and Seven MX, as their Tech-10 Supervented boots and Vox Vented Staple jersey are forLeggi tutto

Hey guys, there’s a new brand available at gobig.shop! Let’s welcome Fuel Motorcycles 🔥 If you are still looking for the perfect gear for your rides, we might have you covered: the Barcelona brand is the best choice for you, vintage lovers, since it provides you with clothing that perfectly combines style and innovative technologies. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a functional gear and show off an authentic style, without compromises 😉 Leave the main roads, create your own adventure and ride your bike with the perfect style. And remember: the best plan is no plan.

Have you always been struggling trying to find a protective gear without giving up on style? Well, there’s a Lithuanian brand which is the right choice for you: Pando Moto. Born in 2011, the brand keeps on growing year after year: at the basis of their success, their innovative and up-to-date technologies perfectly combined with a European design. The Lithuanian company’s products stand on three pillars, style, function and safety – their clothes are CE approved –, are specifically designed for the riders, and, most importantly, are designed WITH the riders to satisfy all their necessities, as people at PandoLeggi tutto

Hey guys, welcome back! Let us introduce you to a brand-new Bell Moto-10 Spherical 😎 There’s little we can do to explain the smashing graphics of this limited-edition helmet, there are no suitable words. And normally, a couple pics would be enough to get an insight of the beauty of this masterpiece. This is not the case. Just trust us, you HAVE TO see it with your own eyes. You only need to grab yours on gobig.shop 😉 Do not forget it features the most up-to-date technical innovations you can desire for your helmet. Enjoy professional protection and get onLeggi tutto

Hey guys, here’s a newsflash 🔥 The Moto-10 Spherical is now available on the market… and it’s a limited edition 😉 Let us introduce you to the Bell Moto-10 Spherical McGrath Replica – those US fellows keep surprising us.     Little more than a year ago, Bell’s dedication to the development of the most up-to-date safety characteristics led to the launch of the first Moto-10 Spherical – the most innovative safety system a helmet can feature. Now, you can enjoy the highest level of protection with an extra touch of style and show off a spectacular design inspired byLeggi tutto

Vuoi vincere 2 biglietti con paddock incluso per il GP di Maggiora e una maglia GoBIG??? Ecco qui come fare 😉 1) Segui la pagina @gobig_shop https://www.instagram.com/gobig_shop/ 2) Pubblica un post/storia instagram con una foto storica o recente di Maggiora scrivendo il motivo per cui vorresti vedere il GP, tagga @gobig_shop @mattguada101 e @maggiorapark Mattia selezionerà personalmente il vincitore scegliendo la foto che lo gaserà di più. Il contest si chiuderà Venerdi 29 Aprile. USA IL CODICE “MATTIA” per ottenere uno sconto del 15% sul tuo ordine.

The Go Big family keeps on growing: let’s welcome the Sidi brand and their dope mx boots 🔥 What mainly characterizes the Italian company is passion and dedication, two elements which led them to creating a bunch of badass products, always having in mind the rider and his needs since 1960. Apparently, a winning strategy, that eventually made Sidi a brand that is known worldwide. Today, Sidi continues making the difference – in the motocross field, too – and what contributes to their success is their willingness to always put in the game competitive and advanced technology. Their main objectiveLeggi tutto

Atlas’products are now available on gobig.shop 🤠 If you’ve always been bothered by the traditional neck brace for whatever reason and gave up on the opportunity to further protect yourself, well, you should definitely try these Canadian masterpieces. Forget about lacking freedom of movement or comfort, Atlas’ products are the turning point. Being the neck one of the most critical parts of a rider’s body, Atlas chose to specialize in the design of neck braces, taking advantage of the experience of several riders, including the founder himself. After a couple of years of development, Atlas entered the motocross world andLeggi tutto

Another brand joins the Go Big family: you got it, we are here to present you with the Oakley MX goggles 😉 Starting back in the 70s, Oakley has built its history through the years, becoming one of the most well-known brands in the motocross (and not only) field. Basically, if you’re looking for a unique mix of performance and style, you’ve found yourself the perfect choice. What makes Oakley stand out, apart from the excellent performance, is the dynamic design. All of these distinctive features set the basis for the foundation of an exclusive brand, and were already seen withLeggi tutto

Going for a MTB ride? Maybe hanging out with your friends to conquer that mountaintop? Then you’ll probably want to keep in touch with them, either for sharing the experience or for safety reasons (you know, nobody wants to get lost in the woods 😅). No worries, Sena has your back, ‘cause you’re definitely looking for their M1 EVO helmet. This helmet is equipped with a Mesh Intercom, meaning that you can enjoy advanced communication together with an (almost) infinite number of participants within a range of 900m. And this is probably the helmet’s most important revolution – above all,Leggi tutto

Oh wait, the 22.1 Zero, Rival & Vox product lines are already available on GoBig shop and they are just waiting for you! Have a first look at their new products right here, keep on reading! 😉 Let’s start with the Zero line, thrilled? We definitely are: if you just rapidly scroll through the pics, you’ll see a wide range of jerseys and pants so… let’s say it’s basically impossible not to find a kit that fits your taste. Not to talk about their renowned quality features, bringing you to The Next Level In Athletic Performance. You’ll be ready forLeggi tutto

The first races of the 2022 SX Championship were mint. And there’s definitely someone who has caught our attention.   By signing the #21, Kawasaki got itself a deal: we can basically speak of a winning duo, guys, we’re simply experiencing the best Jason Anderson since 2018. We had already seen the great potential at A1, but Oakland was the unequivocal proof of his rediscovered talent. Man, not even his teammate was able to stop his quest for the top step of the podium. And all of this after a quite spectacular crash during practice. Clearly an outstanding performance. HeLeggi tutto

The wait is over: the AMA Supercross riders are back on track. Oh, and they were back racing in Anaheim! We bet you were expecting this for quite some time… Well, we were, and we are more than ready for this brand-new season 😎. It was only the first race of the year, but A1 was mint, and those guys… they were simply on fire. An unbothered Ken Roczen led the 450SX Main Event and easily sealed the win… at least after his teammate crashed in an effort to conquer that first place. Sexton had clearly a good start, andLeggi tutto

Con la collaborazione del nostro mate Mattia abbiamo pensato di fare un contest divertente e regalare due maglie speciali alla nostra community. Clicca il link qui sotto e scopri come vincerle https://www.instagram.com/gobig_shop/ USA IL CODICE “MATTIA” e ottieni uno sconto del 15% sul tuo ordine.  

Wondering about that big jump you hit with your dirt bike? We bet it is firmly impressed in your mind. But what about creating – materially creating – those memories? Well bud, it looks like DJI has the perfect solution for you. About one month ago, the renowned company let us discover their new product, namely the DJI Action 2, their new action camera presenting a simple, though peculiar, magnetic design which definitely makes it the most suitable compact tool for your natural-looking footages. And yes, it is pocket-sized. However, do not let it fool you: despite its dimensions, DJI’sLeggi tutto


Black Friday!!! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow the Go Big Facebook/Instagram pages to discover new promo! Use the “MOTOWEEK” code and get 10% discount LET’S GO BIG!!!

Here we are the BLACK MOTO WEEK by GO BIG! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow the Go Big Facebook/Instagram pages to discover new promo every day! Use the “MOTOWEEK” code and get 10% discount LET’S GO BIG!!!

It is a matter of passion for motorcycle racing. It is a matter of unquestionable talent. It is a matter of skills.   How do you become one of the greatest of all time? Is there a guide? Clearly the answer is no, but we believe Tony Cairoli might have the right suggestions for you.   18 years of races. At least one GP win per year for a total of 94 GP victories. 9 times World Champion.   TC222 has always said that statistics did not matter to him, but man, numbers speak for themselves. His consistency all overLeggi tutto

The successful partnership between FMF Racing and 100% brought to life a mind-blowing new line of products, and after presenting to you the FMF POWERCORE goggles back in June, now it’s time for us to introduce the FMF POWERBOMB goggles! Years of experience and their passion for racing led the two renowned manufacturers to the development of this distinctive line, whose characteristics we are about to display. Sweat: quite annoying, isn’t it? Guess what, the FMF PowerBomb goggles feature a triple layer moisture which has your back on your ride days. What’s more, the 45mm silicon coated strap keeps yourLeggi tutto

Anything you want from a flip-up helmet, Schuberth’s C5 probably has it.   Launched on the 28th of October, the German company’s new helmet paves the way for the next generation of modular helmets, rewarding the efforts they made in the last three years. Wondering about its top-quality features? Sit back, we have a long list. THE BIG 5 ALL-DAY WEARABILITY The C5 brings the riding comfort to the next level. How? The guys at Schuberth took advantage of their new product to introduce the “Schuberth Individual” Program. What is it about? Basically, you can find the perfect fit forLeggi tutto

Il primo GOBIG Day pubblico è stato pazzesco!!! GOBIG, inizialmente nato da quattro ragazzi con una genuina passione per il motocross, sta ogni giorno, sempre di più diventando di tutti, creando una piccola ma grande community sana e con la voglia di condividere le esperienze più intense prendendo il divertimento molto seriamente. A questo link le foto, tagga #gobigday   https://pmanital.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/AziendaExt/ErLyF_VzoVVEl2V2Om6x7YcBeQZcdvDPWpck1pOR0wx4EQ?e=v4UoSx Migliaia di foto su Seeyousurf https://www.seeyousurf.com/search/?spot=trofarello%20circuit

Dopo aver organizzato alcuni GoBIG Day a numero molto limitato siamo finalmente pronti e gasati di lanciare il primo GoBIG Day aperto al pubblico in cui tutti possono girare in pista!!!   Dove sarà il primo GoBIG Day pubblico??? a Trofarello (TO) Strada Sabbioni, 10028 Prenota ora al link qui sotto il tuo biglietto per poter girare in pista al GoBIG Day, sono limitati  https://gobig.shop/it/hidden-promo/2844-gobig-day-.html   PROGRAMMA GOBIG DAY SABATO 16 OTTOBRE 9:00 – 10:30 turno libero 10:30 – 11:00 turno pro riders 11:00 – 12:00 turno libero 12:00 – 12:30 turno pro riders 12:30 – 13:30 ripristino tracciato 13:30 –Leggi tutto

Ridin’Smoke è l’evento riservato a moto da cross con motore a 2 tempi. Qualsiasi anno e cilindrata! Ridin’ Smoke è un ritrovo informale (NON E’ UNA GARA!), per amatori e professionisti, che hanno voglia di trascorrere una giornata tra fiumi di miscela (e birra!). Scarica al link qui sotto le foto dell’evento https://pmanital.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/AziendaExt/EnEeBKwC09ZAovvkVjyGxg4BCvKl80-JVVaM_hKWW5vg9g?e=3fJN0Y

“Our mission? To help people capture and share their lives.”Just a few months after the launch of their One X2, Insta360’s HQ announced their new tiny and mighty action cam: the Insta360 Go 2. Developed to be the ultimate creative tool, the Go 2 is the perfect camera for everybody, ranging from action cam enthusiasts to professionals, thanks to its complete set of features. First of all: it’s TINY, literally. It weighs only 27g, an extreme lightweight which makes it an essential for your everyday life, travels, and sporting moments. Additionally, when your friends will ask you for a snapshotLeggi tutto

Usa il codice “GOBIG” e ottieni uno sconto del 10%!!! Crea la tua grafica personalizzata al 100% con un configuratore unico e semplice. Scopri qui come disegnare e ordinare la tua grafica. www.backyarddesign.it  

GOBIGWEEK  Da oggi e solo per 7 giorni, con conclusione al 19 Luglio, sarà attiva la GOBIGWEEK Durante questa settimana con il codice “GOBIGWEEK” puoi ottenere uno sconto del 15% sul tuo ordine ⚡ Ti sei perso la parte 2 del GOBIG on Tour Sardega? eccolo 

If you’re looking for another word to say “supercross” or “motocross”, you just need a name: James Stewart. He was unquestionably the man: ever since he started his 14-year pro career, he has been compared to the greatest champions in our sport, and most of the time, he easily broke their records. Just think of any category he has joined, and you’ll see that Bubba smoothly dominated it. We can only say that he was THE game changer, and this also thanks to his mentality: it was either win or crash trying to win. No compromises. You know, it’s difficultLeggi tutto

The benchmark boot in Motocross, the Tech 10 boot becomes the leading evolutionary actor of change and innovation. The new Tech 10 Supervented boots are by far the most technical motocross boot ever and owe their fame to some new features that explain the concept of SUPERVENTED. Through two inlet ports on the front, a ventilated shinplate, perforated padding and extensive mesh sections, the Tech 10 Supervented has been designed to guarantee maximum airflow to the riders mainly through the boot’s front and effective heat exchange. The new mesh inner bootie boasts a 3D Higher Spring insole which uses airLeggi tutto

Matterley Basin, one of the most magnificent tracks on the calendar. Not only for the riders, but also for the public: no matter where people stand, any point of the circuit is the perfect viewpoint. Last weekend the second round of the MXGP World Championship took place on the British track, and not even the rain could stop the fans from being there. 4000 attendees ready to enjoy Arminas Jasikonis’ comeback… we rather envy them. 9 months after his scary crash during the Grand Prix of Lombardia, AJ is back racing and that kinda tastes like a victory to us.Leggi tutto

GOBIG on TOUR / Chapter2 Parte2, terra Sarda 🌴 Ed ecco il secondo capitolo del GOBIG on Tour in Sardegna!!! In questo tour di una manciata di giorni abbiamo girato buona parte della Sardegna e in questo seconda parte siamo andati nella famosa tostissima pista di Riola per la gara degli Internazionali d’Italia motocross. Abbiamo incontato molti piloti forti come Alberto Forato, Mattia Guadagnini, Jorge Prado.. Chapter2 Parte2 Terra Sarda ✅ Il prossimo sarà un tour molto particolare 😎 #GOBIGonTour​ ATTREZZATURA UTILIZZATA DJI Mavic AIR 2 https://gobig.shop/it/droni/2146-dji-mavic-air-2.html Nikon Gimbal Ronin SC https://gobig.shop/it/sport-tech/2386-nikon-z50-video-gimbal-ronin-sc-kit-sd-64gb.html Nikkor Z 70-20mm Nikkor Z 14-24mm SEGUITECI Instagram www.instagram.com/gobig_shop/Leggi tutto

Polaroid. No words are needed to describe this brand. In a world that is always in a rush, Polaroid lets us relive the unique moments of our lives and experience the true essence of a snapshot. The company has in fact revolutionized the world of photography, and since the ‘70s it has undoubtfully become an icon: holding in your hand a tiny piece of film means turning an instant which encloses a full set of emotions and thrills to forever. And the cool thing about this brand is that they have always developed technologies which make photography effortless for everyone.Leggi tutto

GOBIG Day   Questo evento, nato da una manciata di ragazzi con una pura passione per gli action sports sta ogni anno diventando più unico, questa passione pura e limpida contraddistingue la community di GoBIG dalla massa creando una sua nicchia, la community di GoBIG trova la sua vera essenza nel godersi i momenti con un gruppo di amici con il giusto stile, sempre con l’attitudine GoBIG!!! #gobigshop Video by Simone Casari

GOBIG Day   Questo evento, nato da una manciata di ragazzi con una pura passione per gli action sports sta ogni anno diventando più unico, questa passione pura e limpida contraddistingue la community di GoBIG dalla massa creando una sua nicchia, la community di GoBIG trova la sua vera essenza nel godersi i momenti con un gruppo di amici con il giusto stile, sempre con l’attitudine GoBIG!!! Stop alle parole, le immagini vi raccontano la giornata. Qui il link per vedere e scaricare tutte le foto. https://pmanital.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/AziendaExt/ErLyF_VzoVVEl2V2Om6x7YcBeQZcdvDPWpck1pOR0wx4EQ?e=v4UoSx  

Wide open… eyes this time: the new Seven MX 21.2 collection is now just a few clicks away from you! Seven MX amazes us again with the new Zero and Rival products, and there’s no need to reaffirm their premium quality. But let us introduce you to the Zero 21.2 collection. Seven MX moves a step forward and provides us with a full set of new features for their Zero pants, and they do so by launching four new gear designs: Raptor Flo Green, Raptor Sand, Savage and Ethika – yes, you read that right, you MUST have a look atLeggi tutto

Since 1973 FMF has been a leading brand in the offroad industry, continuously looking for precision, power, and speed to satisfy the needs of every rider. Now it’s time to welcome the world to VISIONARY PERFORMANCE! FMF VISION finds its roots in the passion to create, which led two of the most iconic brands in MX, FMF Racing and 100%, to join forces and originate this unique, stand-alone partnership. And you’ll be astonished by the group of athletes who got involved into this new project… to name a few: Zach Osborne, 2020 MX National Champion, Dante Oliveira, FMF/KTM Factory Off-roadLeggi tutto

Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen… What do these fellows have in common? Don’t you dare answer they are Supercross and Motocross stars – c’mon guys, it’s obvious. No clue? Hold on, we are here to refresh your memory: the three of them have won their first MX National title in their rookie year. Crazy, isn’t it? It has been only a few weeks since the 2021 AMA Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship has started, and the first two rounds have been mind-blowing. We mean… don’t you think that Dylan Ferrandis – you know, the French dude riding the StarLeggi tutto

Con il codice MATTIAINSTA360 puoi ottenere uno sconto del 10%!!! Solo fino al 30 Giugno 🔥 “GoBIG.shop mi ha mandato questa INSTA360 One X2 da provare e quello che abbiamo creato è incredibile. Non avrei mai pensato ad un potenziale del genere e una comodità assurda. Sono rimasto sinceramente stupito e sicuramente la continuerò ad usare per i miei prossimi video qui su YouTube. Per gli interessati potete trovarla su GoBig Shop al LINK https://gobig.shop/it/21_insta-360 e inserendo il mio codice sconto “MATTIAINSTA360” avrete anche uno sconto sul prezzo finale. ATTENZIONE: lo sconto è valido solo fino al 30 Giugno. Lasciate un likeLeggi tutto

GOBIG on TOUR / Chapter2 Parte1, terra Sarda 🌴 Il viaggio di GOBIG on TOUR continua e siamo in una tra le isole più belle del Mondo, specialmente per il motocross, la Sardegna! In questa prima parte del video siamo nella fantastica pista di Villamar, nel centro/sud dell’isola, diciamo a Sud di Oristano e a Nord di Cagliari. Qui abbiamo trovato un real “GoBIG jump”, un quadruplo da prendere in quarta wide open!!! In questo tour abbiamo viaggiato con Angelo Pellegrini, Andy Winkler, Paolo Schneider, Iron, Spino, Ema e ovviamente Bruce! Abbiamo beccato qualche amico come Bertuz, Petretto, Pialla e ilLeggi tutto

Hey, you guys! We hope you have enjoyed last week’s guide. As you know, it’s not over: so, here we are with the 2nd chapter of how you GO BIG. But, before starting, an honorable mention to the Moto-10 Spherical, the leading actor when coming to the subject “GO BIG in head protection”, the unique helmet which allowed Cameron McAdoo to come back for the restart and end on the podium after THAT epic crash   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Un post condiviso da Supercross LIVE! (@supercrosslive) And now, with some podium places sealed by each of them,Leggi tutto

Do you ever just wake up and think of doing something great? No clue on what to do? We got your back! Here’s a short guide in only 5 steps (with examples), so you’ll be able to GO BIG. STEP 1: Contenders: that’s what championship means. Be always at the top and show ‘em what you’re made of View this post on Instagram A post shared by Supercross LIVE! (@supercrosslive) STEP 2: You guys know it: a good start already sets the basis for a good race, just take the holeshot View this post on Instagram A post shared byLeggi tutto

SPHERICAL TECHNOLOGY™ POWERED BY MIPS® As the demands of racing increase, so does the need for increased protection. The Moto-10 is the first off-road helmet to offer Spherical Technology™ powered by MIPS. Created in the Bell+Giro testing Dome in Scotts Valley, CA, our proprietary Spherical Technology™ features a Ball-and-Socket design that helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. Because of the Spherical Technology channels inside the first-of-its-kind segmented 3K carbon shell, we achieve superior sweat management, weight reduction, and ventilation like never before—all without compromising energyLeggi tutto

SPHERICAL TECHNOLOGY™ POWERED BY MIPS® As the demands of racing increase, so does the need for increased protection. The Moto-10 is the first off-road helmet to offer Spherical Technology™ powered by MIPS. Created in the Bell+Giro testing Dome in Scotts Valley, CA, our proprietary Spherical Technology™ features a Ball-and-Socket design that helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. Because of the Spherical Technology channels inside the first-of-its-kind segmented 3K carbon shell, we achieve superior sweat management, weight reduction, and ventilation like never before—all without compromising energyLeggi tutto

We are almost ready !!! This Saturday, April 17, the first BELL MOTO-10 Spherical Limited Edition will be available. Only 1000 helmets were produced worldwide, all numbered, they are historical pieces. Reserve the Bell Moto-10 by writing to support@gobig.shop Subscribe to the newsletter for preview updates. # Moto10Spherical #bellhelmets #livewideopen

Oggi è un momento storico per BELL. Il MOTO-10 SPHERICAL sarà finalmente presto disponibile al pubblico!!! Il 17 Aprile 2021 verrà alla luce il primo BELL MOTO-10 in edizione limitata. Ci sarà un ristretto numero di caschi disponibili, tutti numerati, l’unico modo per avere la possibilità di assicurarsene uno è prenotarlo oggi stesso. Iscriviti alla newsletter per gli aggiornamenti in anteprima. #Moto10Spherical #livewideopen

GO BIG on TOUR / Chapter1 e siamo a Roma ragazzi! Abbiamo voluto vedere cosa succedeva con in mano una videocamera, si è accesa un idea. Iniziamo cosi il viaggio GO BIG on TOUR dalla bella Roma, più in specifco dal DMX Park dei fratelli Di Marzantonio, una pista fantastica con alcuni punti davvero sketchy 🦴 Dopo la giornata super al DMX Park siamo passati a una delle piste più storiche d’Italia, Malagrotta! In questo primo tour abbiamo viaggiato con Angelo Pellegrini, Andy Winkler, Spino e ovviamente il nostro filmer, Bruce! Abbiamo beccato lo “Speedy Guada” Mattia Guadagnini, Pialla eLeggi tutto

Insta360 ONE X2 is the pocket action camera. Unlock the creative freedom of 360, capture everything and frame it later with super 5.7K resolution and H.265 encoding.

Do you wanna have fun with your dirt bike but with the right style? Now you can discover the promo for the SEVEN MX 2019 and 2020, Zero, Rival and Annex!!! Don’t miss it 😉 #SEVENMX

An easy day, riding with some friends in the Emilian hills at Alex Salvini’s house, we had a good time and we jumped some BIG jumps!!! Video by Alessandro Mollo  

If anyone is “GOing BIG” it is Axell slay Hodges!!! Axell killed it, guys, this is Slayground3 ⚔️

The season is about to start, do it with the right helmet. Discover now the promo for the BELL 2019 and 2020 helmets, you can find important promotions for the Bell Moto-9 FLEX, Bell Moto-9 Mips and Bell MX-9 Mips!!! LIVE WIDE OPEN #BELLHELMETS  

Questa volta vi consigliamo un libro, il nostro amico Fabio Iron Ferrari ha scritto il libro ARTICOLO 412, una lettura interessante per noi appassionati Lo trovate qui 😉    

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Vuoi vincere questo casco??? GoBIG è un attitudine, siamo una nicchia, ragazzi con passioni alternative e la voglia di condividere questa attitudine con altre persone. Quindi oggi condividiamo con voi questo Moto-9 FLEX che abbiamo studiamo e realizzato in stile GoBIG. Segui questi semplici passi e avrai la possibilità di vincere il #gobighelmet 1) Pubblica una storia/post mentre fai qualcosa in stile GoBIG 2) Tagga la pagina @GOBIG_SHOP e usa #gobighelmet 3) Nomina almeno 3 amici 4) Metti like alla pagina @GOBIG_SHOP Come già sapete decreteremo il vincitore seguendo solamente il puro istinto, la storia/post che ci gasa di piùLeggi tutto


We are excited to show the new SEVEN MX 2021.1 collection!!! RIVAL: The Seven MX line dedicated to the real motocross riders! Breathability, wearability and the best materials on the market are the strengths of the Rival line. VOX: Seven MX introduces the new entry level line, the cheapest line of the family, less resistant when compared to the Rival line but with the unmistakable Seven MX design. ZERO??? We have not forgotten the revolutionary Seven MX line, the new Zero collection will arrive in spring with a new incredible design! #SEVENMX #REDEFININGLIMITS #SEVENMXRIVAL #SEVENMXVOX

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BACKYARD DESIGN è arrivato in Italia. Da oggi puoi crearti la tua grafica personalizzata al 100% con un configuratore unico e semplice. Scopri qui come disegnare e ordinare la tua grafica. www.backyarddesign.it  

The new BELL Offroad collection is out, let’s take a look at the new graphics of the Moto-9 FLEX!!! THE KING’S HELMET MCGRATH REPLICA LOUVER MATTE GRAY RED BREAKAWAY MATTE SILVER BLACK FASTHOUSE NEWHALL GLOSS WHITE BLACK SLAYCO AXELL HODGES REPLICA Find out with this video how FLEX technology works    

GoBIG.shop was born from a group of guys with a strong passion for action sports, this pure and clear passion is creating a different community, a community that stands out from the others, a community that finds its true essence in enjoying moments with a group of friends with the right style, always with the GoBIG attitude!!! So last weekend we made all our passion come true in one day, the first GoBIG DAY!!! But now let’s stop talking, let the pictures tell you about the day. Here below the link where you can download the pictures. https://pmanital-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/apellegrini_nital_it/EvCuur9Nq31JtyqiGMkvHm4BBi6eaSHF8EFMx-X6D5HD4g?e=fj1Skm

Finally the CHAMPION is CHAMPION!!! Eli Tomac, after winning the 250 Supercross title, 250 National title and three 450 National titles, he finally gets the most important Offroad Championship in the WORLD, the 450 Supercross Championship! We wanted to do this article with (in our opinion) the best images of ET3 in this 2020 Supercross!!! Good job man        

With this article we are going to find out who is really going BIG!!! Tyler Bereman He recovered from the injury that kept him off the bike for months he’s back to ride and he’s hitting the BIG jumps! View this post on Instagram STORY TIME: When I first set my eyes on @motosandbox, I immediately found a line of transfers around the whole track and the plan was to link them all into one line. This particular Jump wasn’t at the top of my to do list as I scouted it, cus I didn’t know if it was doable,Leggi tutto

The new Seven MX combo worn by Malcolm Stewart during the Supercross in Salt Lake City!!! This kit it’s an original combo with a Rival jersey and a Zero pants RIVAL JERSEY Precision, breathability and wearability. The Seven MX Rival jersey introduces new standards in the world of motocross clothing, equipped with an ultra breathable polyester fabric, this jersey keeps the riders dry and cool offering a constant internal air flow and removing the humidity, the stretch panels placed in strategic points guarantee an excellent fit. ZERO PANTS The Seven MX Zero pants have been designed for riders looking forLeggi tutto

With this article we want to show you how much study there is behind the realization of a safe helmet by bringing you inside the BELL headquarters. Watching this video you can see that the obsession for the details makes the difference. BELL HEADQUARTER, DEDICATED TO THE BRAIN PROTECTION THE MOST INNOVATIVE PROTECTION SYSTEM IN THE BELL HISTORY, FLEX  

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After the first 6 AMA Supercross races, we asked ourselves how dominant the Bell Helmets brand is, so we decided to discover it with this article, the “BELL 2020 victories”. WHO LIVES WIDE OPEN??? SAN DIEGO / LITES PODIUM SAN DIEGO / COOPER WEBB OAKLAND / DYLAN FERRANDIS OAKLAND / ELI TOMAC GLENDALE / AUSTIN FORKNER ANAHEIM 2 / DYLAN FERRANDIS ST LOUIS / AUSTIN FORKNER ANAHEIM 1 / JUSTIN COOPER Choose BELL helmets and its innovative FLEX protection system!  

The big news of the action cam market. The technical specifications and tests carried out confirm the great rookie to beat. Enjoy this video. DJI – Supercross DJI and Fowa were at the Supercross in July, check out the amazing footage shot with the Osmo Action attached to motorbikes and other DJI devices! Pubblicato da DJI su Venerdì 30 agosto 2019   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 65×42×35 mm Weight 124 g CAMERA Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS Effective pixels: 12M Lens FOV: 145° f/2.8 ISO Range Photo: 100-3200 Video: 100-3200 Electronic Shutter Speed 120-1/8000s Max Image Size 4000×3000 pixels Still Photography Modes 1.Leggi tutto

THE FUTURE IS NOW DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND We are thd next level in sports performance. Through technology, creativity and athlete itel we push product performance limits past present standards. Our rentless efforts in innovation will give atheltes the ability to transcend all that is current in our sport. REDEFINING LIMITS AXELL SLAY HODGES REPLICA Who is Axell? A guy with a lot of style, like SEVEN!

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Fasthouse represents a lifestyle that is dynamic, energized and full of passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing, be it motocross, flat track, racing across the desert, or simply taking a quick run up Mulholland on a weekend. WE RACE. SOMETIMES. CHOOSE THE MOTO-9 FLEX AND ITS UNIQUE PROTECTION Ever since the first Bell helmet, the mission has been to innovate and improve the science of protection, always striving to bring technologies to the table that set the benchmark for impact and energy management. Meet the Moto-9 Flex evolution of the fittest. A first-of-its-kind, three-layer impact liner utilizes multiple densities ofLeggi tutto

The INSTA360 ONE X is a big step forward to create 360 ​​° content, an incredibly powerful action cam with a lot features and exceptional quality. ENJOY THIS VIDEO CREATED BY THE RIDER ANGELO PELLEGRINI WITH HIS INSTA360 ONE X Ride for fun 🦔Insta360 Pubblicato da Angelo Pellegrini #41 su Domenica 6 ottobre 2019   ALL THE FEATURES Device specifications Opening: F2.0 Photo Resolution: 18 MP (6080 * 3040) Video Resolution: 5760 * 2880 @ 30fps, 3840 * 1920 @ 50fps, 3840 * 1920 @ 30fps, 3008 * 1504 @ 100fps Photo formats: insp, jpeg (can be exported via App),Leggi tutto

BELL Street 2020 line represents what BELL stands for: purpose-built performance. The Star Series has been re-vamped this year, continuing the long history of innovative and progressive head protection. Race Star Flex DLX has been re-engineered to shave weight by 10% with an updated headform for additional comfort. The Race Star Flex DLX now features Bell ProTintphotochromic technology on its Panovision Class 1 optics shield, as well as new speaker pockets and triple-density cheek pads with an added comfort lining. From a 3k carbon fiber shell to with the BELL Flex liner for energy management, this helmet is packed withLeggi tutto

Developed by former pro motocross rider, Lee Ramage, 4ARM STRONG is a revolutionary self-therapy device that creates traction on the forearm muscles toward the elbow, while stretching in the opposite direction. This type of assisted stretch works to expand the fascia and lengthen the forearm flexor muscles in the anterior and posterior compartments of the forearm, while creating a stretch in front of the elbow that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Expanding the fascia and stretching the forearm flexor and extensor group muscles, in this manner, can create more space in the forearm compartment, which allows blood to flow intoLeggi tutto

LET’S PUT THE RUMORS TO REST Motorsports has been a big part of SPY for 25 years. To prove the point, we’d like to introduce the Foundation, the newest badass addition to our MX goggle line. Developed in collaboration with our top athletes, the Foundation doubles down on SPY’s commitment to off-road motorsports with the widest view of any motocross goggle. We’re here for the duration, so enjoy the f@$king ride. SPY FOUNDATION THE JEREMY MCGRATH REPLICA        

The passion of the Bell Helmets company for helmets defines Bell as an innovative brand and the 2020 collection is the proof. From iconic products like the Moto-9 Flex, to the new graphics of this line, the 2020 collection is the next chapter in the long history of innovative and progressive head protection. Take a look at the latest collection and get ready for the season. LIVE WIDE OPEN CHOOSE THE MOTO-9 FLEX AND ITS UNIQUE PROTECTION Ever since the first Bell helmet, the mission has been to innovate and improve the science of protection, always striving to bring technologiesLeggi tutto

City: Brescia Country: Italy Event: Supercross Cup 2019. Take a look at the best pictures of the show and get some inspiration for your racing outfit!  

Ciao a tutti sono Angelo Pellegrini e per qualche mese mi sono trasferito in California per correre il supercross Americano. Vi racconto i retroscena, quello che succede prima del cancelletto. Questa è la mia settimana tipo tra una gara e l’altra. Lunedì: normalmente la mattina ripristiniamo il materiale che usiamo nel weekend, quindi io pulisco i caschi,stivali, occhiali ecc… mentre Marco, il mio meccanico, si occupa della manutenzione delle moto e dei ricambi. Al pomeriggio se non sono troppo stanco vado in palestra ad allenarmi, altrimenti faccio una sessione di defaticamento.   Martedì: sveglia presto e si ad allenarmi nelleLeggi tutto

Davide is one of the most talented riders of italian FMX panorama. Few months ago in occasion of Torino Supercross, he decided to bring a present for his fans, a new trick for him: the frontflip. Enjoy this video.

Couldn’t have been a better start of the year for BELL helmets. So many things happened in only 30 days from the beginning of the year… …Mr. Toby Price won the Dakar!   …Cooper Webb is the red plate in the AMA Supercross! …Dylan Ferrandis is showing good things and in the MXGP class Gautier Paulin was announced to be part of BELL’s riders team. This season will be very fun! All the pro riders mentioned above are racing with BELL Moto-9 Flex helmet. 😉

The new Seven MX collection is finally available on Go Big shop! Seven MX did a great job on the new collection, with you have the proof wearing the new Zero pants, touching their extra-light weight material, laser cuts and looking at the new “tech inspired” graphics of the three lines Zero, Rival and Annex. The Annex clothes, the entry level for this brand, they have been completely re-designed and they can now compete with the high end collection of most of the other technical clothing brands. Seven standards in terms of free mobility, breathability and  comfort are at theLeggi tutto

On Fasthouse website they write: what started as a one day event in 1998 has turned into what some people call the “MX Woodstock”.  It’s a gathering of family and friends and what they love most – dirt bikes.  It not only attracts some of the fastest racers in the world and the who’s who of the moto industry, but also riders from the Hollywood stunt community and moto fanatics worldwide. Probably the words above are perfect for describing an event like no others in the Motocross world. The 21st edition of DITD took place in Glen Helen (California) from 21Leggi tutto

I guess you guys noticed the gear worn by El Hombre Anderson, Bam Bam Barcia and the Million Dollar boy Eli Tomac… wasn’t that set up amazing? Well, you know we are here to offer you only the best so we are pleased to say that Alpinestars Monster Energy Cup limited edition racewear and boots are available in our store! Memory problems? Check out the exclusive pictures below and go on the store for product details.  

Motocross of Nations in Red Bud (USA) has been an incredible (muddy) event. Let’s have a look at the real protagonists of that race with special “patriotic” liveries. Notice the wide range of bikes from the most standard to the factories weapons.

This is the period when temperatures are usually good, not too rainy, the ground is less dusty than in summer and not already muddy as in winter. In few words, this is perfect time for go riding! Here some tips to wcreate your race outfit for this autumn. Let’s start from the head, did you know that BELL Helmets 2019  collection is already available? When you ride you need a wide and clear view, that’s why we suggest the completely new SPY Optic Foundation. This goggle is shaped to fit perfectly on the helmet and gives you a unique style.Leggi tutto

We are doing our first steps into mx, a world that we are approaching step by step, even if we know it very well. The following shots are from the first events we joined as partners or where we borought our booth.   Fun Day – It was a private party organized from Pellegrini’s brothers where we opened for the first time ever our beloved gazebo. MXGP of Ottobiano – What a better occasion than the Motocross World Championship to start selling our products? Supercross Cup in Brescia – First time for us as partners of an event, the secondLeggi tutto