The benchmark boot in Motocross, the Tech 10 boot becomes the leading evolutionary actor of change and innovation. The new Tech 10 Supervented boots are by far the most technical motocross boot ever and owe their fame to some new features that explain the concept of SUPERVENTED. Through two inlet ports on the front, a ventilated shinplate, perforated padding and extensive mesh sections, the Tech 10 Supervented has been designed to guarantee maximum airflow to the riders mainly through the boot’s front and effective heat exchange. The new mesh inner bootie boasts a 3D Higher Spring insole which uses air channels within the sole for optimal levels of ventilation, while also creating a cushioning effect for enhanced levels of comfort. There is also a new sole with an extended honeycomb design for superior grip and feel on the bike’s pegs, especially in wet and muddy conditions. Slay it with the new Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented boots! 🤙🏻