On Fasthouse website they write: what started as a one day event in 1998 has turned into what some people call the “MX Woodstock”.  It’s a gathering of family and friends and what they love most – dirt bikes.  It not only attracts some of the fastest racers in the world and the who’s who of the moto industry, but also riders from the Hollywood stunt community and moto fanatics worldwide.

Probably the words above are perfect for describing an event like no others in the Motocross world.

The 21st edition of DITD took place in Glen Helen (California) from 21 to 25 of November and offered a long program full of dirtbike races of any kind, from flat track to accelleration race, to more classic motocross. Take a look on the official website to discover more about the event.

From the spirit of this unique event borns the new BELL Moto-9 Flex Day In The Dirt Limited edition, a special collabo with Fasthouse. There’s no much more to say about this helmet, it simply make you fall in love with its chromo-red paint and the graphic that taste of freedom. This pearl will be available soon in our store, stay tuned!